Group Strategy

              一、Diversification strategy

              Between 2000 to 2013 year, In order to occupy the market and open the new market, avoid a single business risk, Tianxiang made a implementation of the diversification strategy of enterprises.

              1.Product diversification

              Tianxiang take the related diversification strategy as the main, non-related diversification as the supplemented. Through project research and development, investment, joint venture, cooperation and other means, to vertical extent the industrial chain upstream and downstream, and horizontal extend to different industries, make product type diversification, across the hot and cold processing, effectively enhance the operating advantages and product added value.

              2.Market diversification 

              Through sole investment, joint venture, cooperation and other means, vigorously expand the domestic market and international market, the company's products have been exported to Southern China, north, East, northeast, northwest and other large areas of the market, has been exported to Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other markets.

              二、Brand strategy and Quality strategy

              Since 2010,in order to further enhance the desire of the company's consumers, Company implements two strategic policy” the left hand push products, the right hand to push the brand” around the core concept brand is the integration of a series of functional and emotional value. In such "brand, quality, packaging, high standard quality guarantee" combined with the actual situation, echoing the complementary, consolidating the achievements of customer commitment, have enhanced oveall the Tianxiang brand market visibility and reputation, and the core competitiveness.