Growing in Tianxiang

              View of Talents

              People with virtue and ability will Promote use 

              People with virtue but no ability will train and use

              People without virtue but with ability will control and use

              People without virtue and ability never use

              Talent cultivation mode

              Internal or external combined teaching methods, Use curriculum teaching to teach the necessary knowledge and skills to the employees, meanwhile let them attend effective practice

              Directional training. Train all kinds of talents and technical company needed through cooperation with oriented training school

              Job rotation. Company establish a complete incentive system, provide equal opportunities and development platform for each employee, achieve the career planning of employees, through the continuous adjustment of jobs, to achieve a win-win situation between company and employee. 

              Employee career planning

              Tianxiang group provides three channels development model for all staff: management channel, professional / technical and skills channel. Employees can choose their own design practical career development channel according to their own characteristics, combined with the business development, , and then gradually realize the career development plan through constantly improve their ability to work,