Successful Cases

              Method of three sorting of temperature control for forging products

              With the rapid development of the auto industry, the production process control requirements of auto forgings have become more strict. According to the requirements of ISO/TS16949, the tapping temperature of forging product preform body must be carried out temperature through three sorting, in order to realize the stability and effectiveness of quantization and intelligent control.

              Based on tapping temperature of forging product preform body will directly affect the quality of products, that is, the temperature is too low will cause product crack, forming, scrap rate increases, but also affect the service life of the mold, increase production costs, so the transformation of forging blank temperature into "three separation", effectively meet the customer's voice while achieving economic value.

              In June 2015,Zhongxin 630T line and 400T line, Group successfully implement the furnace temperature control into "three separation". Compare with original PLG control, it has more economical, practical, quantitative, intelligent, stable characteristics. According to different products, materials, requirements of different control temperature, the operation is more flexible, simple and convenient, and effectively ensures the quality of products, saving the cost of production.

              The specific implementation process is as follows: