Innovation Achievements

              Group actively builds innovation environment for matching with the innovation cultural, renovates and expands the laboratory, equipped with the advanced instruments and equipment, appropriate funds for scientific research innovation , and in the aspect of hardware, in terms of software, the group has been clear about the research direction of the elastic, evaluation system, vigorously to build and promote cultural innovation, encourage junior staff to put forward reasonable suggestions to the innovation, support the key personnel implementation of innovation, and make a lot of effects.

              1. Product Innovation

              The group has received more than 100 patents since 2009.

              2. Production Mode Innovation

              Change the functional layout into process layout, reduce the flow of product transfer, improve the ability of fast convergence between processes, effectively reduce the production cycle and improve the flexibility of production line.

              3. Management Mode Innovation

              On the basis of standardized management, Group vigorously promote the standardization and information management, ] reflect information of the whole process, overall refinement the technical standards, work standards, management standards, and collect the experience of group's various levels of rationalization proposals and previous accumulated regularly in practice to improve the starting point, and constantly move forward.