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              Excellence is sober

              2017-07-11 17:20:44

                         Before the note:
                         Weng Lichang, male, born in 1984, an ordinary technician, spent 15 years time, step by step, in the ordinary post, made one another and an extraordinary performance! In life, there are always people who can grow in this impetuous era of the soil, quietly grow, people quietly look, far from hope, admiration of the situation; work, there are always some people can day after day Of the boring in the uncompromising attention, music in which, in the cultivation and harvest, the time was abandoned, inadvertently march out of a quality story!
                         It was an early morning in 2002, a person walked into the Tianxiang Machinery Factory factory office, wearing a simple, slightly Sentimental, many years later, we recall that moment, will feel a fate occurred so naturally, so unexpected outer. The original Tianxiang Machinery Factory, the plant is simple, equipment is limited, the staff is also less, far from today's garden-style plant, a solid set of processing equipment and hundreds of staff size! It can be said that the growth of Weng Lichang history to a certain extent, the days of Xiang Machinery Factory development process.
                         Weng Lichang comrades footsteps into the Tianxiang Machinery Factory that moment, destined for a period of 15 years is difficult to let go of fate, destined for a struggle for 15 years of growth! It is this process, shaping a indifferent, truth-seeking, refinement, helpful, courage to play the image of a new era of technicians!
                         The first day into the factory, apprentice to do is 3 years, followed by Weng Ji master, every day to the master to boil water, to colleagues with breakfast, every night cleaning, finishing tools, check electrical switches, etc., usually seize Every opportunity to ask, to test, to verify, in the master of the strict discipline, trained a solid machining basic skills, such as sharpening, turning workers, fitter base, tooling principle. As the turning tool is the soul of the lathe, then the sharpening is every lane to the soul of the ladder, seemingly very simple a few sharpening action, but the need for each car to fail how many times to find the key to the soul The Every car from the people, which are all deep experience! So far, Tianxiang Machinery Factory tool display room is still quietly placed two knives: a master Weng Ji's knife, an apprentice Weng Lichang knife, isolated on the visual, as if to tell that ordinary and glorious Years, highlighting the tireless refinement of the spirit of seeking truth!
                         At the same time, Weng Lichang is also the basic principles of equipment, machining processes, production processes are also beginning to see the Church Austrian, opened another door to knowledge! This door opened, thoroughly Weng Lichang guidance on the determination of the road in the machining industry. He was not only learned to operate the "CNC, milling machine, drilling machine, planer", but also learned the basis of drawing, AutoCAD, tooling mold design, familiar with the "CNC bed, drilling, milling machine" and other working principles and maintenance specifications, Basic knowledge and skills! This time so far can not let their own forgetting time, Comrade Weng Lichang attendance with up to 350 days per year or more, diligent study, hard working and courage to work in exchange for, and sometimes forget the time to get off work. This accumulation, and finally ushered in a chance to let him shine!
                         At the beginning of 2009, when the company received the order of the brake system of the train brake system in the production and processing group, this product was a kind of complex processing part, product fusion casting, heat treatment, precision machine and other processing technology. Of the technical quality and multi-machine processing equipment to complete, but in the past the traditional planing, milling process processing not only increased labor intensity and equipment costs, and productivity at the end, and because the use of multi-channel process for processing, the cumulative The error has greatly increased, a direct impact on product accuracy and the normal delivery of company orders. Faced with these problems and challenges, Weng Lichang and his team take the initiative to work, determined to design a new processing technology and new tooling tool to improve work efficiency and product accuracy. R & D is a hard work, in order to make the best solution, they find information, continuous improvement program, repeated trial and debugging, after decades of sleepless nights, and finally made a new tooling tool, A variety of tooling mold processing products of multi-channel processes, greatly reducing the parts of the production cycle, product accuracy has been guaranteed, the quality of stability to meet customer requirements for the company to save production and investment costs.
                         In 2015, Weng Lichang comrades organized the general workshop to declare "high-speed rail brake system accessories fixture to improve" technological innovation projects. Through the design of the fixture will be fixed parts of the product, and then through the principle of ordinary machine tools to replace the previous drill hole drilling re-hole, effectively solve the product due to structural complexity and strange lead to 6 holes between the center distance error, From less than 60% to 96% or more, a year down for the factory to save 50 million yuan.
                         2015, Weng Lichang led the implementation of the NC workshop "multi-functional rapid positioning clamping jaw technology to improve" technological innovation projects. Tianxiang Machinery Plant for the passenger car to provide the axis of common products, from the information to find the answer and the scene trial production, in the work of repeated practice, after 1 month of day and night, with a scientific and prudent and pragmatic attitude Design point of view fully take into account the safety of the claws, the completion of the replacement of conventional processing shaft products and more applicable to the scope of the three-jaw chuck. The results are economical and practical, especially for the production of shaft products can effectively shorten the cycle to meet the dimensional accuracy and consistency, significantly shorten the production cycle, low cost, reusable, easy to change and easy assembly and production in the product production stage with its Production parts of the effect is excellent, has been vigorously promote and use, completed the automotive gearbox parts spindle, reverse shaft, vice axis and other shaft products processing technology to improve the work to achieve efficiency than the peer to enhance the 60%, use so far.
                         At the same time, the organization, colleagues, the government also gave Comrade Weng Lichang full trust and appreciation:
                         In 2003, won the Tianxiang Machinery Factory "outstanding new staff" title;
                         In 2006, won the Tianxiang Machinery Factory "excellent staff" title;
                         In 2008, won the Tianxiang Machinery Factory "excellent technician" title;
                         2012, won the Tianxiang Machinery Factory "senior technician" title;
                         In 2013, won the "Tianchang City innovative workers" title
                         In 2014, won the Tianxiang Machinery Factory "technological innovation" title;
                         2016, won the "2016 Tianchang City, the first ten craftsmen" title;
                         2016, won the "Chuzhou Jianghuai craftsmen model" title
                         2017, won the "Tianchang City Youth Science and Technology Innovation Star" title
                         2017, won the "Anhui model worker" title
                         In the face of the harvest, Comrade Weng Lichang rare and maintain a tranquil attitude, was pleased, lost. In the technical search on the road, he often said: "We are still on the road, the road is very long, walk to see it!"
                         In the author's efforts to collect information about Comrade Weng Lichang, we also understand his family life, gratifying, he did not pay for the work of the family, the wife is very supportive of his work, take the initiative to take care of the elderly And the task of the children, Comrade Weng Lichang can always maintain a tranquil, always able to be pleasant to the parents, his wife to care, with the relative reduction of front-line tasks, he can also take more spare time to accompany the family, Good son, good husband, good father.
                         If life is destined to be a fight, then Comrade Weng Lichang is undoubtedly a good fighter! He quietly to quietly marching, every footprint is so traces, there is power; every shot is so stable, so accurate, so fine! In the pursuit of a better path never see his complacent look, never seen his iconic slightly shy smile, sometimes, in the face of this shy smile, we can not help but ask: shy Who should be?
                         Postscript Postscript:
                         Every flash, are the result of continuous efforts; each course will be in the longer future will be served to our destination! We hope that every reader who has read this article can feel the glory of life - the admiration of the quest, the courage and honor of the front of the indifferent!
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