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              April 11, 2017 Anzhong technology new three board successfully listed

              2017-07-11 17:44:48

                      April 11, 2017, is a worthy of special expectations and bear in mind the day, Anhui Zhongxin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to An Gong Technology) in the national share transfer system officially listed. This is the company all staff from top to bottom as one, the result of hard work, but also customers, suppliers, local governments at all levels and the community colleagues to support the results.

                      In this, Anzhong technology together on the most sincere thanks.

                      Anzhong Technology since its inception in 2010, has been focused on "car gear box blank, tooth ring" and other auto parts R & D, production and sales, and always focus on corporate brand building and product quality improvement, through the implementation of standardized management and Increase R & D investment, and gradually embarked on innovation-driven development path. 2016 was awarded the national high-tech enterprises, currently has 31 patented technology, has become a well-known enterprises such as BYD cars and other high-quality suppliers.

                      Today, Anzhong Science and Technology successfully catch the "new three board" Express, into the rapid development of the track, which is the process of development of the public is a milestone in the event, also means that the company officially entered the capital market. The company will be the new three board listing as an opportunity, forget the beginning of mind, strengthen corporate governance and management, standardize operations, fully with the power of the capital market, expand the scale, with more high quality products and services to return customers and the community.